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KGV Caisson Fender

Constructex have completed the design and installation of a bespoke fendering system at ABP Southampton.


The King George V graving dock is a former dry dock constructed in 1932. Since 2005 the caisson gate and keel blocks have been removed making it a wet dock. The exposed caisson gate entrance had been proving an obstruction for vessels accessing the scrap berth. Vessel damage and dock edge corner damage were regularly experienced. The client requested a solution to infill the exposed caisson gate entrance.


Constructex worked with the client’s concept design and developed a detailed design of the infill fender system which included an 8-tonne fender grillage, wall brackets and lead in fenders. It was critical that the scheme was designed to withstand impact of specified vessels. The detailed design was carried out in accordance with BS6349 and EN1993.


Fabrication of steel components and application of an Interzone 954 protective coating system was carried out offsite. Specialist cone fenders, D fenders and UHMWPE sliding facing units were used to provide the vessel energy absorption required. FSC greenheart timber lead in units were added to the exposed outer face.


Constructex worked within the Client’s budget to install the fender system in a 2 week period. A 60 tonne mobile crane was used to place the main components and one of the Constructex 9m aluminium work boats was used to provide access and a safe working platform.

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