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Shamrock Quay

Shamrock 3.png

Constructex successfully completed strengthening

and corrosion protection works in Southampton.


The works were to an existing 75tonne Wise boat

hoist which had been downgraded due to structural

concerns. The works will now permit the users to

lift larger vessels out of the water and help to keep

the facility operational for the next 20 years. 


The strengthening works involved the installation of

web stiffeners and flange strengthening plates to

enable the increased moment and shear forces to

be sustained by the existing structure.


The corrosion protection works involved the

application of Interzone 954 to the steel work within

the tidal zone, together with the design and

installation of a cathodic protection system.

The containment of the works was a high priority, as the marina remained operational throughout. 

The design and installation of the cathodic protection system was undertaken by Constructex and included adequate provision for the steel bearing pile and the sheet piles wall. It also accounted for the additional CP drain suffered from additional steel area outside of the scope of the project. Anodes were installed by the Constructex dive team. Anodes were fixed to the steel structure by underwater welding ensuring electrical continuity.


The design was carried out in accordance with BS EN 12473 and BS EN ISO 13174.


The existing piles were badly corroded and we undertook ultra high pressure jet washing (UHP) to prepare the surface to HB2.5 condition in accordance with the paint manaufacturers specification. A bespoke scaffold and netting arrangement was constructed to fully enclose the works. This ensured no accidental release of material into the estuary, in accordance with strict environmental requirements. Furthermore the enclosure ensured a safe segregated area for UHP activities.

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