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HMS Belfast Cathodic Protection

Constructex have completed Phase 1 works to replace the cathodic protection system on HMS Belfast in London. The works were required to prevent irreversible corrosion damage to this historic vessel and its mooring dolphins, to ensure the structures long-term survival and to increase the potential to delay the date for the next dry docking.


The existing impressed current system was stripped out and replaced by a new specially designed system suitable for the tidal and fluvial location. The new impressed current system comprised frame mounted anodes, reference electrodes, transformer, and associated cabling. Specialist marine coating systems in excess of 1400 microns were applied to steel elements. The new system can be remotely accessed for real time performance updates.


Specialist resources were required to enable the works including rope access teams, commercial diving teams and crane work boats. The site is particularly challenging for diving operations due to the almost continuous water movement, lack of visibility and minimal clearance beneath the hull at low water.


The works were carefully planned without significant impact to regular operations, allowing visitors to continue tours of the ship and its exhibits.

HMS Belfast 4.JPG
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