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Sheet Pile Wall Repair

Sheet Pile Wall Repair

Constructex have carried out numerous repair schemes to sheet pile walls. These include blasting and painting, welding repair plates and structural strengthening with reinforced concrete.

A sheet pile wall is a retaining structure usually made of proprietary steel sections interlocked together. The structure will often suffer from corrosion when unprotected and this will be significant when exposed to hostile environments as is the case for marine sheet pile walls.

Sheet Pile Wall Repair

Much of our work is involved within the inter-tidal zone. The programming of the work to utilise low tidal windows therefore becomes very important. 

It is also possible to undertake repair schemes to submerged structures but this is slower and will therefore be more costly. We use our in-house dive teams with well developed underwater welding  and underwater concreting procedures to enable us to do this.

We have developed a variety of repair schemes for our clients which are bespoke to the application. The schemes must be considerate of the clients rief, the local environment and the practical application. As an experienced civil & maritime  contractor we are well versed in balancing these items.

Often permissions will be required prior to the works taking place. This will usually involve liaising with the river or harbour authority and any other interested parties (e.g. the Environment Agency)

Our clients requiring our sheet pile wall repair services vary from asset owners, asset operators to main contractors or developers. We have been asked to carry out works which are stipulated as part of section 106 agreement.

If our services relating to sheet pile wall repair are of interest, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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