Marine Concrete Repairs

Undertaking marine concrete repairs is a specialist area and requires careful planning and rigorous adherence to methods. 

Working with tidal movements is often a crucial aspect to consider and should feature significantly during the project planning stages.

We have developed Inspection and Test Plans that benefit from a breadth of project experience. These target the important steps in the method and ensure vital stages have been completed prior to proceeding. This is extremely important to achieve the required longevity of concrete repair.

We follow industry best practice closely and keep up to date with the latest products available on the market. We are therefore able to advice clients on the most effective form of repairfor their particular project.

Concrete is a strong alkali and can be harmful to the marine environment, this is therefore a very important consideration for marine concrete repairs. We have developed tried and tested procedures to mitigate the risk of contamination during the course of our work. We undertake environmental impact assessments on every project on every project and are fully accredited to ISO 14001:2015

It is often a requirement to undertake further testing of the concrete to understand the extend of concrete spalling. A suitable strategy can be developed which considers the information gathered from previous inspections. We test for the following on existing concrete structures:

  • Chloride ingress 

  • Degree of carbonation

  • Half cell readings

Underwater concrete repairs are sometimes necessary. In these instances it is vital an anti-washout additive is used to prevent loss of cementitious material. Consideration also must be given to the tidal flows which should be monitored throughout the process.

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