COVID-19 Constructex Response

We are still in operation. We are working closely with our clients to ensure these projects are carried out in a safe and controlled manner.

In these unprecedented times we are committed to ensuring our clients needs are met, whilst maintaining the health and safety of our staff. We have prepared this page in order to provide information on our services during this time. Should you have any further questions please do not hesitate to get in contact.

Staff are working at home wherever possible.

We have issued new working instructions to all staff and sub-contractors working with or for Constructex. These instructions cover the steps we are taking to reduce the risks of infection and ensure continuation of services. They are derived from the government and WHO guidance. 

They include:

  • Identifying, isolating and supporting high risk individuals.

  • Allowing working from home where possible.

  • Ensuring personal hygiene standards, including frequent hand washing.

  • Using disposable paper towels, gloves, cutlery and cups where appropriate.

  • Carrying out regular cleaning of diving helmets and shared surfaces with high-level disinfectant.

  • Restricting unnecessary travel and conducting meetings via telephone or video conferencing. 

  • Limiting shared travel to specific work groups and not allowing cross mixing of these groups.

  • Isolating the entire work group if one member needs to isolate.  

  • Maintaining social distance.

  • Ensuring adequate signage to prevent the public from entering our sites.

  • Using separate facilities where possible.

  • Following government guidance on isolating and notification.


We continue to monitor government advice and will adapt and adjust accordingly. 

Resources you may find helpful:

Constructex COVID-19 Risk Assessment (pdf format)

Construction Leadership Council Guidance

Government guidance for businesses and employers

Advice from the NHS

Advice from the WHO

We are contactable on our normal office phone +44 (0)3333 551 892 and via email on

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